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Selected Writings by Mary Ann Pires

  • A Time For Giving“Up-Close,” (a monthly feature) Greenville Journal, April, 2007
  • “A Time for Giving,” Greenville Journal, Greenville, SC, January, 2007.
  • Monthly Op-Ed Pieces (28) for The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, September, 2004-January,
  • “Market Research: Membership Study,” Outlook (a publication of the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce), January-February, 2006.
  • “Time Honored Advice: Stay Close to Your Customer,” Westchester County (NY) Business Journal, January, 2003.
  • “The Millenium is Upon Us . . . The Future of Public Relations,” Public Relations Quarterly, Winter, 1999.
  • Leveraging State Government Relations“Consumerism: Is the Activist Movement Dead?” Impact, Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., February, 1998.
  • “Time to Cultivate the Real Influentials,” Impact, Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., December, 1996.
  • “Any Organization Can Be Socially Responsible---Without Mega Bucks,” PR Reporter, Vol 39, No. 29, July 22, 1996.
  • “Changes in Lobbying Present Ethical Challenges,” O’Dwyer’s PR Services Report, July, 1994.
  • “Tips from The Masters: Mary Ann Pires---Benefits of Outreach to Consumers,” Westchester-Fairfield PRSA Newsletter, December, 1993.
  • Other Views“Bolstering State Government Relations Effectiveness Through the Use of Outside Consultants,” Management Handbook Series, Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., 1992.
  • “How to Win Friends and Influence the Grassroots,” Adweek’s Marketing Week, January 2, 1989.
  • sfda“Building Coalitions with External Constituencies,” Strategic Issues Management, Chapter 7, Jossey-Bass Management Series, 1988.
  • “Fertile Fields: The Realization that Politics Starts Back Home Has Led to a Harvest of Corporate Grassroots Programs,” Public Relations Journal, November, 1986.